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Lean into Stillness

How to be patient with yourself on the journey to Self-Revival

On the journey to self revival, there is a moment where one must pause and breathe without judgment, fear, or the lull of reclusivity. This pause is essential to touch hands with clarity and peace. You are pausing to see where you are presently in your life—feeling deeply about the choices you have made along the way and up until this moment and making peace with them. Sit in it, no matter how ugly or nasty it feels. Sit with it and work to come to reconciliation with yourself. I must add that getting to reconciliation may take some time, which is ok. Sometimes the slower you get there, the better the outcome because you aren't in a hurry to get out. If you get out too fast, you may miss the lesson the universe is trying to teach you. Be patient with yourself and lean into inner stillness. Then decide where you want your life to go. I promise you are protected, and GOD is always with you, lifting you amid the storm.

Be well.......

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