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A closer look into how our products work

Providing Everything You Need

Image by Jessica Felicio


 We have a 4 part Hair system that works to heal the follicle and scalp microbiota from the root.  All products work in conjunction with one another to awaken the follicle with phytonutrients and medicinal herbs in the form of plants and active compounds of medicinal cold-pressed essential oils. The Follicle Serum awakens blood circulation in the follicle and speeds up hair growth while restoring oxidative damage to the follicle. Our Rejuvenating Hair Tonic supplies nutrients to hair strands, softens, hydrates, and deeply. moisturizes. The Scalp Detox restores damage to weakened strands by lifting toxicity, removing product buildup, reducing environmental stress, and slowing down scalp aging. Lastly, our Hair Growth Oil not only penetrates the limbic system with its illustrious fragrance but works to heal split ends, restores breakage, strengthens strands & capillaries, and is a natural hair nutrient.


VNH's Skin collection is comprised of plant-based botanicals, phytonutrients, essential oils, and antioxidants that work to bring healing to the skin at the cellular level. The Nutrient Enzyme Soap rich in anti-oxidants amino acids works to deep cleanse, hydrate, regenerate and protect skin cells while reversing cell damage with its fuse of African oils soap, and Japanese grains. Our Face Oil is made with 15 potent phytonutrient oils that work to communicate with the epidermal layer of skin providing healing, rejuvenation, and subtle healing. Our Calendula Flower Toner toner made with organic Calendula flowers and organic Aloe Vera works to lift discoloration, balance, and harmonize skin while promoting blood circulation with its anti-inflammation effects. Lastly, our Facial Exfoliants are made with pure alkaline sea salt from Shinan Bay and work to boost collagen production, gently remove dead skin cells, strengthen skin and tissue, and reduce dark spots and acne scars 

Fruits and Vegetables


VNH will soon offer WHELL ROOTED, Preventive Medicine consultative treatments that are compatible with the body’s natural ability to heal itself. They are non-invasive treatments that work to prevent disease, improve overall health, and enhance the quality of life for our clients. Treatments include consultations on Organotherapy, Drainage, and Detoxification, Women’s Health Issues, and Holistic Nutrition. Our services are designed to assist our clients in their journey from deficiency to a state of optimal wellness through an Integration of Naturopathic and Phyto-Medicine, Holistic Nutrition, and Whole Body Wellness.

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