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Videau Natural Health

To develop our unique botanical-rich formulations, we use morsels of Dermatology, Trichology, and Ancient Medical systems. Whole plant and organic essential oils are superiorly blended to target deficiencies in the hair follicle and epidermal to bring them back to life and to optimal health.  The herbs and oils used in our formulas are selected based on its medicinal properties, active compounds, and potency to awaken stagnant hair and dull skin. We use small batch production that is hand blended to reduce waste and maintain the sacredness and potency of each botanical used. All formulations are curated with organic phytomedicine and essential oils to treat, repair, and heal from the root and we do this FOUR WAYS.....

Natural Beauty Products


Naturopathic Medicine Principles of Beauty

VNH follows the Naturopathic principles, do no harm (least toxic and least invasive), believe in the healing power of nature ( use substances that originate in nature), identify and treat the cause and remove the obstacles, elevate scalp and skin health literacy, treat the whole person, and focus on prevention.


Skin Wellness

With elements of the earth echoed in our ingredients, our skin collection is designed to bring healing and nourishment to skin and cell tissues by repairing and treating epidermal imbalances.

Our products work to support collagen and defend against free radicals while nourishing it with vitamins and anti-oxidants. The combination of botanical medicine, seed and distinctive oils from all over the world in each product, collectively combats inflammation and improves skin elasticity, evens out skin tone, and reduce pores for healthy glowing skin.



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Follicle Medicine

VNH believes in the power of scalp and follicle wellness and creating a proper environment for the hair follicles to produce keratin that generates healthy hair. An imbalanced scalp microbiome can cause an array of disruptions in the scalp and follicle causing such symptoms as product build up, hair loss, hair thinning, dead cells, and slow hair growth.


We have a hair collection program that works to remedy such symptoms while getting to the root. Our hair products work to reduce scalp imbalances and nourish the follicle to promote healthy hair strands, increase hair growth, reduce hair thinning, and restore the scalp's natural defenses for a sustainability strengthened barrier to make way for healthy hair.


The Magic is in the Formula

Developing the most effective formulas to treat hair and skin problems takes an enormous amount of time, research, testing, and trials. Choosing the cleanest and safest plants and extracts requires a comprehensive and holistic understanding of each medicinal herb used in each bottle, from their bio-active actions, pharmacology, indication, to their usage. We source the highest quality ingredients that are as close to nature as possible. The herbs and essential oils used in our products are gathered from all over the world such as Western Asia, Africa, Srilanka, Italy, Bulgaria, France, India, Egypt, Northern California, and Spain. Every plant and essential oil is tested for its efficacy and carefully chosen by its active compounds and Homeopathic and Phyto-Medicine properties. 

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