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Our Nutrient Enzyme Facial Soap has been intensely refined and made with West African Black soap fused with sweet oils from Madagascar and kernels of Marula fruit, and seeds of the Moringa olefera from South Asia and Africa. This mix of illustrious oils work to sink in to the epidermal layer and heal from the root, working to refine and smooth out the skin.


Nutrient Enzyme Soap

  • ) With clean hands, pour a quarter size of the Nutrient Enzyme powder into the palm of damp hands

    2) Add a few drops of water to the enzyme soap to exfoliate and lather to cleanse skin

    3) Massage soap into the skin to cleanse

    4) Rinse skin with water and dry face lightly with a towel

    5) Use the Videau Face Oil for moisturizer and hydration.

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