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The LaPreal Facial Mist is made from a West African plant called Guinea Sorrel, from the land of Niger and cultivated in Europe. This viviacious red plant is a pharmacoligcal blend of organic acids and volatile compounds filled with minerals, amino acids, and fatty acid that restore nutrient content to the skin. The LaPreal Mist works to control oily skin, bring youth to the skin, and it's organic acids gently exfoliates. The plant Guinea Sorrel is considered a "botox" plant because it works to increase skin elasticity, combats the aging process by firming and lifting skin, tightens, reduces inflammation, as well as even out the skin tone. It's gentle citric and malic acids work to purify your complexion, reduce acne breakouts,  hydrates, and provides an intense sense of moisture boost to dry and aging skin.

Facial Mist