Service Fees

Phyto-Medicine Treatment

Phyto-Medicine uses pharmocological amounts of medicine that relies on the physio-chemical interaction with the identified weak organs. Herbs are curated and prescribed in tea form to treat organ deficiency and depends upon the specific condition or plant chemistry. 


This treatment is designed to remove deeply embedded toxins, accelerate the body's natural ability to heal itself, and restore the entire immune system.

The method used in detecting weak and deficient organs is Urine Analysis which test for mineral deficiencies throughout the body.

Fees: $175.00

Nutritional Drainage and Detox Treatment:

Experience weight loss, healthy digestion, balanced regulatory systems, increased energy, rejuventation, strengthened immune system, decreased clinial conditions, and cleansed organs. 

This treatment includes a curated list of healthy nutritious and superfoods that act on various organs, a detox plan tailored to your body, and prescribed high-density juices, all of which have positive action on the entire body.

Fee: $195.00

Skin and Hair Consultation/ Therapy Treatment:

HAIR: Gain healthy roots and stronger strands, longer hair, and accelerate hair growth. Treat hair root malnutrition, poor scalp circulation, and environmental deterioration of hair pores, with Hair Mineral Analysis and pH testing.  


Fee: $99 (Only)

SKIN: Illiuminate a natural glow with clear, radiant, blemish-free- skin, and balanced pH levels. Clear acne scars, skin aging, skin conditions (eczema/psoriasis, rosacea), sun burn, pigmentation, dark spots, sensitivity (dryness/oiliness). Testing include pH testing, Face Mapping, Tongue and Hair Mineral Analysis.

Fee: $99 (Only)

Fee: $200.00 (Both Services)

Whole Body Treatment:

(Includes Phyto-Medicine Treatment, Nutritional Drainage and Detox, Skin and Hair Treatment, and Life Extension Consultation)

Indulge in the essence of your body cleansing and rejuvenating itself naturally. You will feel better spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically. Experience decreased stress levels, increased energy, clearer mind, restored hair and skin health, as well as a less body fat.

You will recieve all non-invasive testing that includes pH testing, Face Mapping Analysis, Hair Mineral Analysis testing, Oxidation Rate testing, and Life Extension Consultation. This treatment option also includes a customized herbal and nutritional plan that is tailored to your body type and specific deficiencies. 

Fee: $390.00



* All treatments include Life Extension Consultation which entails a detailed medical history, lifestyle, diet/nutritional intake, current medications, and any other underlying health concerns.