A beautiful blend of essential oils that are curated to promote hair growth, heal split ends, restores breakage, follicle moisturizer, and works as a root hot oil treatment. The blend of oils is a light tonic and does not weigh the hair down and works to stimulate the scalp.

Hair Growth Oil

    • As a pre-shampoo treatment- place oil throughout the hair from follicles to the ends of hair and comb into dry hair 
    • As a Hot oil treatment:  Place hair oil in a non-metal bowl and heat oil up until warm. Do not heat the oil up too hot as the heat from the oil may burn the scalp due to high temperature. Part hair in four sections. Place hair oil from root to the ends of hair. Cover with a plastic hair bag or cap and let oil sit on hair for 30 minutes to an hour. Rinse, and style as usual.
    • Can also use as a daily hair moisturizer to soften, add shine, luster, and protect hair from heat. The oil is light weight and does not weigh the hair down.