Green Tea Exfoliant is a potent blend organic green tea that has been rolled, steamed, and dried which amplifies it’s potency. The exfoliant is fused with pure alkaline sea salt and anti-oxidant properties designed to balance pH in skin, reduce/prevent acne scars, removes dark spots, and blemishes even skin tone. Deep cleanser, draining and detoxing dirt and removes impurities from pores.

Organic Green Tea Exfoliant

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  • Directions:

    • After washing the face, leave skin mildly damp
    • Spread a pint size amount of exfoliant in the palm of the hand
    • Sprinkle a few drops of warm water until a paste forms
    • Once paste forms, massage into face using circular motion from the forehead down to the chin
    • Let the exfoliant sit on face for approximately 1 minute
    • Rinse face completely with warm water
    • Use Videau Face Oil to moisturize post exfoliating