Our Nutrient Enzyme Facial Soap is an impeccable blend of Herbal Extracts including Sea Fennel Extract, Sea Kelp, and Rice Bran Extract. Rich in anti-oxidants, amino acids, potent stem cells, and fatty acids, this soap works to not only cleanse and hydrate the skin but to also regenerate the keratin in the skin, protect skin cells, reverse cell damage, and restores the skin. The Willow Bark fused with Licorice Root work to block melanin production to prevent hyper-pigmentation, dark spots and works tirelessly to brighten, detoxify, and shed stubborn dead skin cells. If you want clean, hydrated, and moisturized skin, then this is the product for you! It will also reduce flare ups of skin issues such as acne, eczema, and psoriasis.

Nutrient Enzyme Facial Soap

  • 1) With clean hands, pour a quarter size of the Nutrient Enzyme powder into the palm of damp hands

    2) Add a few drops of water to the enzyme soap to exfoliate and lather to cleanse skin

    3) Massage soap into the skin to cleanse

    4) Rinse skin with water and dry face lightly with a towel

    5) Use the Videau Face Oil for moisturizer and hydration.