Our Ingredients

Botanical Medicine is used in each of our products and derived from specific parts of plant species that include leaf, flower, bark, root, bulb, and aerial parts with the most active chemicals, potency, and properties to treat deficiencies. The herbs and essential oils used in our products are gathered from all over the world such as Western Asia, Africa, Srilanka, Italy, Bulgaria, France, India, Egypt, Northern California, and Spain.


The herbs and medicinal tinctures used in our products are chosen from organic and alkaline soil that are grown in eco-friendly and humid sub-tropical climates. For an example, our facial exfoliant scrubs are made with pure alkaline sea salt from the Shinan Bay in Korea which have clean mud flats, unpolluted sea water, and produced in optimum natural conditions. Our Red Roses are from the Bamboo forest in Tian Mu Mountains of the Zhejiang Province which are harvested in Eastern China and considered the most important province in tea production in both quanity and quality.


We believe in using high quality ingredients with medicinal properties that work to excel the removal of deeply embedded toxins that target weak organs in the hair and skin. Our goal is to transform your hair, body, and, skin without using harsh, aggressive, or harmful treatments instead therapies that are safe, preventive, and that restore defieciencies back to maximum health.