Videau Natural Health is a product and service company that offers a curated collection of plant-based and medicinal hair and skin products that work to heal skin, scalp, and hair disorders from the root. We use morsels of Dermatology, Trichology, Alternative Medicine and fuse them with Ancient Medical Systems that work to repair, treat, and bring healing to weakened skin and scalp. Plant extracts and essential oils are made with high active ingredients and are integrated to make powerful formulations of products that work to nurture deficiencies at the root. 

VNH was founded in 2016 and conceived to serve and help others in the journey to hair and skin wellness. Dealing with her own Atopic Dermatitis (eczema) issues and stubborn hair growth, Dr. Videau sought to create a collection with efficacy, clean and pure ingredients, and one that would fuse her love, knowledge, and admiration for botanicals and their wondrous healing powers. Her passion deepened after the birth of her son in 2020 when she experienced hair loss postpartum which sparked an exigency to seek out more potent yet gentle medicinal herbal ingredients that would specifically target and stimulate follicles and awaken blood vessels in the scalp to stimulate hair growth and recovery as well as skin imbalances.

In addition to Beauty wellness, VNH has an innovative Health program called WHELL ROOTED that is designed to assist clients in their journey from deficiency to a state of optimal wellness through an Integration of Naturopathic and Phyto-Medicine. We will soon offer non-invasive Preventive Medicine consultative treatments that are non-invasive and work to prevent disease, improve overall health, and enhance the quality of life to our clients. Treatments will include consultations on Organotherapy, Drainage, and Detoxification, Women’s Health Issues, and Holistic Nutrition.


Word of Mouth

" I absolutely love the Calendula Toner! It helped my skin so much and cleared up my eczema. I also love the smell."

-Sara/ Sant Cruz Ca

"My son was having trouble growing his hair and I used the Hair Growth Oil. It softened his hair and helped it to begin to grow. I am so grateful"

- Monica/ New York

"I do hair and the follicle serum is my go to for myself and my clients with breakage and thinning. My customers love it" 

Keisha/ New Orleans



Being open and honest about our business as a whole including packaging, where we source our ingredients, and clinical practice is important to the VNH brand. We run our business from a place of authenticity and integrity. 



In a world where Mother Earth is often taken for granted and forgotten of it's immeasurable source,  we at VNH not only respect our precious earth, but work to preserve it in all ways that we can. Being sustainable and reducing our carbon footprint is essential in our practice. 

How We Practice Sustainability .....

1) In Our Sourcing - we source the highest quality of organic herbs, medicinal plants and flowers an work with companies and farmers that mirror our same values.

2) Packaging- 80% our products are made with Glass which is 100% recyclable and used to protect and preserve the sacredness of each botanical used in our hair and skin products. 20% of our products are made with R-PET bottles which are made with 100% recyclable material and have structural integrity, strong material barrier, are energy efficient, and low carbon footprint. Our boxes are also made with 100% recyclable plants and the print on the boxes are made with fig leaves.

3) Do No Harm- All of the ingredients used in our products are safe and gentle and work in concert with the body's natural ability to heal itself.

Image by Eric BARBEAU

4) In our Clinical Practice: 4 ways :1) We have a wholehearted focus on disease prevention and health promotion, 2) We believe in patient education and empowerment and practice this within our customer relationship 3) We believe in lean service delivery and practice preferential use of treatment options, in that our customer has the right (to choose the best and most safe practice for their own health and beauty. Lastly 4) We feel medical technologies with lower environmental impact is not only safe for our customer but safer for the environment as as whole.

Three Women


Inclusivity is essential to our brand in that we believe in equal access to preventive whole body care + health and beauty wellness to each human being. 

We have an intention and purpose to not only change the trajectory in the world of the archaic conceptions of beauty but to also restructure , reduce health disparities and bring beauty and wellness to all people.

Preserving Ancient Remedies ....


The preservation of ancient and ancestral remedies is essential to the VNH brand. We believe in restoring and preserving the earth and remedies that stand the test of time.

To honor the legacy of wellness from the hands of the ancestors who came before us who used the ingredients of the land and respected the earth deeply. Whose feet and hands knew the essence of the soil and the earth's elements to heal from the root. We take on those same principles and incorporate pieces of their legacy and medicinal modalities to bring healing and efficacy in each of our products.


High Quality and Clean Ingredients...

Videau Natural Health deeply values the earth and it's incredible source of natural and restorative ingredients. Our collection utilizes clean and quality Ingredients,

 The herbs and essential oils used in our products are gathered from all over the world such as Western Asia, Africa, Srilanka, Italy, Bulgaria, France, India, Egypt, Northern California, and Spain.


Our Products.....

Our hair and skin products are made with High quality and clean active botanical ingredients. We use low potencies of non-toxic, non-poisonous medicinal herbs and flowers in each of our product’s that are complimentary to the scalp and skin's ecosystem. Our formulas amalgamates both ancient and modern remedies to bring to life solutions to hair and skin needs. Our products are restorative and designed to target specific skin or hair ailments by providing essential nutritional medicine for the skin and scalp. All product offers nutrient dense formulations targeting impaired epidermal and scalp damage. 

The active plant botanicals in each product work to target weakened collagen, hyperpigmentation, aging spots, acne (scarring), skin damaged from oxidative stress, and skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. 



The ingredients used in our products are internationally sourced, locally made, and designed specifically to treat, heal, and repair.

Our hair and skin products are intended to target disease and disorders of the scalp, hair, and epidermis. Our formulas work to repair, treat, and heal deficiencies and bring them back to optimal health.


The specific need VNH addresses is: Our hair products work to address hair thinning, hair breakage, scalp dermatosis, and weakened hair follicles. Our skin products work to address skin issues such as eczema, pigmentation, acne and hyper + hypo pigmentation.